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  • Just a few weeks left to go until YWAM Boston comes back to our area. So excited! Last year I walked into Encounter struggling through life and walked out a different woman than the one who entered the door because of how God blessed me through YWAM. The lessons He taught me through them have carried me through this year. COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS! - Alicia Zander


Hello again, friend!  Whether you just saw Encounter, Ekballo, Joshua Generation, or met our Street Team, we were blessed to meet you and share the life changing message of Jesus Christ.  

The decision to enter into a relationship with Jesus is the most important choice you will ever make, and it will truly change you.  Have you just made this decision, or have you known Christ for years?  Or, perhaps, you haven't yet made up your mind about Him.  

Regardless of where you are in your faith journey, this website has something for you.  Connect with a mentor, who will come alongside you and help you through your struggles and quandaries.  Tap into teachings and devotionals to help you in your daily walk with God.  Access scholarly articles that will address your academic musings, and spiritual testimonies that will touch your soul.  

You can find answers to all your great big questions, from the deeply emotional to profoundly intellectual.  Whatever your story is, we'd love to get to know you better.  Our goal is to lead you into a deep, lasting relationship with the Creator of the universe.